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Poverty is a state of mankind in which fulfillment of the basic amenities of life becomes difficult for all the members of the family.
One person or the other has to suffer the maximum loss due to lack of food and he/she start suffering from malnutrition.
When it is the matter of shelter or clothes thousands start dyeing of ?cold wave? or ?heat wave?.
When malaria strikes or plague spreads, it is always the poorest of the poor whose lives are sacrificed.
Many of the people of this world are too poor to afford even one meal a day.
Poor people are forced to live a life full of starvation and suffer acute exploitation at the hands of land-owners and industrialists.
Many generations of suppression have passed but number of poor did?nt come down.
Poor people are not able to draw attention from any type of society because they can only weep, beg or plead before arrogant rich persons.
Nearly all of mankind have started believing that helping poor is not any type of solution and this can only reduce their wealth.
Being poor also means a very high chance of being illiterate because of shortage of schools and teachers.
The non-poor are the most who keep on taking advantage of subsidized food sold at the nation-wide food ration shops.
Selling of children in return for money rupees is not uncommon in world.
I have seen Humans compete against dogs and stray cows for their share of food found in the heaps of garbage lying at the dump yards.
Can you Imagine your own siblings or children in their place.
The gap between rich and poor is ever increasing due to various reasons.
The biggest problem which is the cause of rising poverty is the unbalance created in the use of land.
Even after decades of sharing of knowledge the human beings are still not capable of making the true use of land through mutual interests.
The minerals of agricultural land are also never tried to restored .
People are not engaged in the type of work they are more capable.
There is race of competition between all countries to make their cities more and more advanced.
They are not at all interested in gaining from the enriched land because making buildings give them more profit.
There is an acute shortage of food supplies and due to that people start accepting artificial synthetic meals.
This results in increase in the need of doctors increases because many diseases are spread by eating non-hygienic food.
When sufferings increases we have no option but to spend hugely on hospital buildings.
But it is only thereafter that we have to make institutions for medicine studies.
In between this span of time humans have enough time to rethink and act but the waste this useful time in entertainment like movies, cartoons, circus, athletics etc.
So,we can say that time killing through entertainment sources is also a problems.
It is well known that a human?s brain acts better when it is in strain or tension.
So, why should only poor bear this strain? Practically all rich should be forced to think at least once for the poor in their lifespan.
For this reasons Blog Action Day has been created.
There are many kinds of solutions which can be implemented to reduce poverty levels of the world.
We should start from the basics and find out reasons of ever increasing gap between rich and poor.
The technology of the world have reached upto the level where we can find out profile,background ad character of every person.
Through proper utilization of sources every citizen should be forced to pay taxes and compelled to stop exploitation of poor.
This method can be implemented in phases.
The government should make a general announcement before people to come forward and show interests in opening a company restricted by strict laws of equality.
Only those citizens should be allowed to become caretakers who have background of being helpful.
For every one employment source generated, there should be a ban on individual to open or start a company in other part of country where he/she is polluting atmosphere or exploiting labour.
In the field of agriculture educated persons should be given a chance by giving them land which is snatched from big land lords, farm house owners etc.
All the countries of the world should become united and start controlling growth of cities.
They should sign treaties in which the expense on aeronautical projects should be limited to lowest levels.
The money should be diverted in population control plans so that burden on earth is reduced.
The life term punishment should be converted into death sentence so that the problem of feeding the criminals at the cost of poor gets solved.
The corrupt officials who are helping big traders to stock excess food grains should be hanged to death.
The religious leader who spend large amount of money in their promotion should be served legal notices.
They are making people lazy by serving them free food.
Neither of poor can reach faraway ashrams because of rising travel expenses.
It is only the rich and famous who are taking advantage.
80 percent of the relief funds make its way into pockets of politicians.
There should be separate institutions for making educated people aware of methods to combat poverty.
They should be rewarded accordingly by giving them honor and dignity in society.
Most importantly the production of useless articles should be banned, the gender equality should be promoted upto a limit.
There should be strict laws against intentional beggars and employers of child labors.
Politicians should not be allowed to make survey of flood affected area a source of entertainment and spend hugely on helicopter/aviation visits.
Only Ngo?s and voluntary groups should be allowed to enter the vicinity.
All the religious groups who spend lavishly on their festivals should be discouraged and given less opportunity in the mainstreams.

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